LEXLINE regularly advises clients in the field of insurance and reinsurance law on behalf of insurance companies or their insureds, reinsurers or ceding companies and intermediaries such as brokers or agents.

Bertrand COURTOIS and Victoire REVENAZ advise their clients in :

  • The drafting and the interpretation of insurance and reinsurance terms and conditions;
  • Handling disputes involving insurance coverage;
  • The analysis of insurance policies (P&I, FD&D, cargo and marine hull insurance);
  • The analysis of inland waterway insurance policies;
  • The analysis of non-marine insurance policies (credit insurance, liability, political risks, risks of war insurance);
  • Litigation – including arbitration – involving reinsurance treaties;
  • The analysis and handling of disputes between insurance companies and brokers;
  • Handling disputes involving the liability of insurance intermediaries…
A glimpse into cases handled by our firm:
  • The defense of the interests of Lloyd's of London reinsurers, in connection with a reinsurance treaty concerning a French ceding company, with regards to an insurance policy covering a fleet of helicopters, following a tragic accident (crash) that caused the death of several people while the helicopter operated in an area a priori excluded from the coverage of the policy, a fact that the ceding company and the intermediary who placed the risk could not, prima facie, ignore (at issue: the exclusion of warranty/cover and its enforceability).
  • The defense of the interests of London underwriters, involved in an equine insurance policy relating to a thoroughbred of great value, sued by the owner of the insured horse following its death during training in the United Arab Emirates, even though the scope of coverage was limited to Europe ... (at issue: the geographical scope of the warranty/cover and its enforceability vis-à-vis the insured).
  • The defense of the interests of a shipowner denied coverage by his hull insurer on the grounds that repairs to his ship, badly damaged in a collision, had not been undertaken by decision of the ship owner, and that the warranty only applied to repairs actually performed (at issue: the indemnification of "unrepaired damage").
  • The defense of the interests of a shipowner during negotiations with "war risks" insurers, in the context of an act of piracy committed off the coast of Somalia, to the detriment of one of its oil tankers (at issue: the conduct of negotiations, the payment of potential ransoms and negotiator's fees, the implementation of the insurance warranty).
  • The drafting of insurance policies terms and conditions (credit insurance, yachting, political risk insurance) and ensuring their compliance with the French Insurance Code, on behalf of London and Dutch insurers developing new underwriting activities in France.