The Law Office of LEXLINE specializes in and remains fully committed to litigation proceedings; its lawyers, members of the Paris Bar, appear before all courts of first instance and appeal in France, including in the Overseas Departments and Territories (Reunion Island, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Tahiti).

While they appear daily before French state courts, LEXLINE partners Bertrand COURTOIS and Victoire REVENAZ are also active in the field of international arbitration in disputes relating to maritime law (shipbuilding contracts, C/P and B/L disputes, breach of contract, salvage) or international trade (international sales, European public procurement contracts) referred to the Chambre Arbitrale Maritime de Paris (CAMP), the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris (CAIP), the ICC International Court of Arbitration or to ad hoc courts of arbitration.

The Law Firm of LEXLINE often assists French clients (insurance companies, their insureds, operators acting in the field of transportation or logistics) involved, voluntary or not, in legal disputes in foreign countries.

Benefiting from an important network of foreign lawyers, the firm is able to recommend the best specialists in a particular field of law to its clients, and to help them control both the instructions provided and the costs generated by their intervention.