Drawing on and proud of its independence, LEXLINE is committed to serving its clients with steadfastness and determination in a relationship of trust and sharing, and for competitive, clear and controlled costs.

We are committed to serve our clients and to be dedicated to the defense of their interests, tirelessly and without counting, in a flexible and reactive manner.

The interests of our clients are ours; we consider and treat their cases as if they were our own.

We are also committed to being competitive and reasonable in setting our fees; our prices must be fair and stay that way to ensure the optimal service quality that is in keeping with our commitments.

We are always willing, if that is the wish of our client, to fix a flat rate fee for our services, or to otherwise charge fees contingent to the outcome of the matter for which the service is provided, on terms to be agreed upon.

Finally, we are committed to being flexible and remain responsive to our clients, while not forgetting that the case at issue is not ours but theirs.

And ultimately, for the sake of our clients and for our own sake, we are fully committed to remain fiercely independent – our independence being a pledge of our loyalty, of our total involvement in defending the interests of our clients while ensuring our competitiveness.