While closely related to maritime law, transportation and logistics law are no less specific and autonomous. It is one of LEXLINE's major activities, as ground transportation such as transit and logistics are most often a prerequisite or an extension of maritime transportation.

The firm acts in the following areas:

  • Land transportation law (national and international/CMR);
  • Inland navigation law (transportation of goods via barges and river boats, shipping/boating accidents, disputes relating to inland waterways);
  • Rail transportation law;
  • Air transportation law (transportation involving AWB or MAW);
  • Logistics (storage, handling, port operations)
  • Freight forwarding matters and projects

LEXLINE’s clientele includes French and foreign cargo underwriters, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, carriers and their liability insurers, loss adjusters, cargo recovery firms and foreign lawyers.

A glimpse into cases handled by our firm:
  • The defense of the interests of a logistics service provider and freight forwarder, involved in several civil and criminal proceedings following the theft, in its warehouses, of telephony products with a market value of several million euros; this case involved many actions for indemnity along with a complex court survey and criminal investigations.
  • The drafting of the Terms and Conditions of Sale of a large French road carrier, performing operations on the French national territory and abroad, following a buy-out by an investment fund.
  • The defense of the interests of a freight forwarder, prosecuted for alleged personal willful misconduct by its client as a result of delivery delays affecting the shipment of very important works of art for an art exhibit abroad – this delay was caused by the grounding, in the Suez Canal, of the container ship transporting the works of art.
  • The defense of the interests of a foreign road carrier and freight forwarder, in the context of the court investigations following the Channel Tunnel fire, which occurred on 11 September 2008.
  • The successful defense of the interests of a Danish CMR carrier sued for the disappearance, in totally undetermined circumstances, of a high-value mobile by Alexander Calder, while being transported by road (CMR) between a Parisian art gallery and a consolidation center in Denmark.
  • The defense of a freight forwarder and warehouse keeper as a result of a fire in its warehouse at the airport of Roissy Charles De Gaulle, where very large batches of valuable goods were destroyed, giving rise to a large number of claims from their owners or their subrogated insurers.